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Sister Agatha Hunt OSB

Written by: Patricia Glinton- Meicholas 

Sister Agatha Hunt OSB, her current duties are to keep record of all events

San Salvadoreans Edmund and Geneva Hunt, both staunch Catholic converts, were blessed with a family of seven children, four boys and three girls, one of whom was Winifred Barbara, born on 2nd September, 1933. It was an observant family. Mr Hunt was a catechist at the church at United Estates not far from the family home. He, his wife and children Led a disciplined, Christian life in humble circumstances.

Winifred grew up dedicated to daily prayer with her family and regular attendance at Mass. Her father trained his children to receive the Sacraments. She was eventually to become Sister Agatha Hunt, OSB, a member of Saint Martin Monastery. In an interview in 2007, she spoke of her journey to the religious life.

During her early and late teens, she was introduced to religious life by her father and Father Nicholas Kremer, her parish priest. In fact, it was her father who chose her as the child whom he felt would dedicate her life to serve God and the Church.

My first experience of black nuns was at the time of my confirmation, when three Sisters of Charity and three Sisters of Saint Martin Convent accompanied Bishop Stephen Donahue on a flight to San Sal to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation.”

At eighteen Agatha applied for entry to Saint Martin Convent and was received on 16th September. She made her first vows on 19th March, 1955 and pronounced f Mal vows in 1960. During the novitiate, she completed her formal secondary education at Xavier’s College, entered the Catholic School system immediately thereafter. She would teach and work in the administration of many schools and parishes, including St Joseph, St Francis. Sacred Heart, Aquinas College and St Augustine’s College. In addition to her work on New Providence, Sister Agatha also worked on Bimini, Grand Bahama and San Salvador.

In between times, Sister Agatha would continue her tertiary-level education studies to emerge with impressive credentials, She completed a bachelor’s degree at the College of St Benedict’s! St John’s University. In 1977 she received a Master’s degree in Secondary School Administration from Barry College (now University), Florida.

Following graduate studies, Sister Agatha began her contributions to teaching and administration at the secondary level. She began at Grand Bahama High on the island of the same name in 1970, was appointed the school’s principal in 1971 and spent five years at that institution. She joined the staff of Aquinas College in 1977 and spent five years there serving as a teacher of religion and Vice Principal. She was next posted to St Augustine’s College where she would serve as Assistant Principal until her retirement from the field of education in 1999.

Sister Agatha’s contribution to the monastic community included service as Formation Director, Council Member and Regional Superior. In 2004, she was appointed director of the newly formed Benedictine Oblate Programme. By 2007, she was assisting with all the affairs of the Monastery, making certain that the daily horarium of prayer, work and leisure were not interrupted. Her comment on religious life was habitually optimistic: am grateful to my parents, relatives, monastic family and friends and to the people of The Bahamas whom I served for over fifty years. Like the writer of the Hebrews, let us continue to press forward toward the finish line to attain the goal of our heavenly reward of peace and happiness with all the saints forever.”